The Kaveh Mehrabi Foundation (KMF), named after its founder the Iranian player Kaveh Mehrabi, helps disadvantaged children in the south suburb of Tehran.
The socio-politico-economic situation of Iran gives few educational opportunities and doesn’t offer sport as an of out-of-school activity.
International assistance is practically non-existent because of the economic blockade.
Kaveh who had participated in the Solibad project « 1000 rackets for Haïti » wanted to create a structure to help these children in trouble through the badminton world.

After several months of administrative procedures, the project is finally set up and was able to be launched this summer. Since the end of August, forty children (20 girls and 20 boys) can now train for two hours/week (4 hours for every groups girls-boys) with high-level trainers, member of the Iranian national team.
The equipment (nets, rackets, shuttles,…) was bought by the Kaveh Mehrabi Foundation and his local partners. The cost of hiring the sport hall is paid (at present) by the Direction of Education but this may not be possible in the future.
Solibad has already provided 5,000 euros for this project as it complies with its values and its charter.
It allows the financing of transport for the children from their homes to the sport hall as this is essential to protect their security.
« The children are very happy to be on badminton court. They’re more spread and have the hope to be able to take out with sport. » said Kaveh.