This new SOLIBAD program in Indonesia is located in three different areas. In Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Puton-on the heights of the volcano- all three situated in Java Island. Children there live within a precarious situation on a giant garbage dump and do not attend a normal schooling. We hope that the badminton will allow them to have a better life and help them out of this difficult environment.

In Jakarta, the first goal of this program is to allow those children to attend a regular schooling. Indeed, they live totally on the margins of society knowing nothing of the outside world and so they do not know anything of what their future could be. We would like to educate them so they could have the opportunity to open their mind and give them the will to live something else.

The second axe of this program is the badminton that will allow them to dream a little bit by playing and travelling to take part in different tournaments.

Also, those children are poor, do not eat well and, have a precarious health situation. We are going to help them on a daily basis based on their needs that are going to be assessed by Dominique Gygnax, our lovely contact on site

In Yogyakarta and Puton, children are also really poor and the parents do not let them go to school not seeing the usefulness of it and they would rather have them pick and sort garbage

The Indonesian coach would like to enlarge his house to welcome children who would then be schooled and could also practise every day. He would like to take them to the highest level possible either as players or coaches. This costs a lot though so we will help to develop this program while being aware that the budget is going to be consequent

BINTANG SOLIBAD is the name given to both clubs that have opened within this program.

This name means « Stars of Solibad » and we are truly happy and proud to see those children wear our colours during trainings and tournaments. Their smiles are mere magic and we thank our generous donators who make all this possible.