The project

The first project supported by SoliBad took place in Indonesia, with concrete assistance to an orphanage founded by an Australian woman in Bali (
Most of the daily needs for the orphans (44 children) are now provided by Private donors and the children live in a peaceful environment and supervision, with general teaching provided by the municipal school on the outskirts of Denpasar. However they don’t have enough means to ensure their integration into working life once they have left the orphanage: not all children have individuals « sponsors » who could pay them some additional training requested to find a job out of the orphanage.
A program to help this integration via a computer training has been implemented with funds collected by SOLIBAD since June 2010 : Solibad has covered the costs of hiring  a computer science teacher for the whole year and will again in 2012 and 2013. This aid should enable the older people to leave the orphanage with sufficient experience to qualify for inclusion in working life.
This project is sponsored by Taufik Hidayat, 2004 Olympic champion and 2005 World champion and one of Badminton’s legends.

The latest news

May 20th, 2013

 With the help of Solibad we were able to buy 11 computers and one Mac Book which is available to each child at any time of the day. They use them for all their activities (homework, play games, listen to music, take pictures, internet …). They have access to courses in modules and form groups of nine children during their working sessions and computer classes.

Most are at school in the morning and are practicing several activities in the afternoon such as cooking, make some jewelry, drawing or play games invented by people in charge of them (role playing, choreography, dance, etc …). Children do not have time to get bored and are very well supervised, thus forming a real family !


November 26th 2012

The class divide by 3 different group depending on the level. There are about 30 kids now in all classes.
« The children are VERY happy to get this opportunity. We all hope to see you again when you come to Bali.Thank you Solibad from the bottom of our heart for the continues support on our computer class » said Aries, Manager at Jodie O’phea