This SOLIBAD program in Mexico is located in Colima in the state of the same name, about 800 km west from Mexico City on the Pacific Coast. Institution Casa Hogar Francisco Gabilondo Soler is a public welfare organization of the Colima State government. It welcomes children, sometimes as young as babies, until the age of 16.

A few of those children have been abandoned by their family and sometimes sexually abused when they are really young. They are placed by the government and wait to be enventually adopted. They are fed, housed and put at school.Colima Mexico 1
Though the government intervenes to provide food and housing, it doesn’t intervene much about schooling, paying only for the uniform and the teachers. So, there’s not a lot of help given for school and absolutely no extracurricular activity.

Griselda Cruz takes care of the children, checks if they’ve eaten, helps them with homework and entertains them as best she can until curfew.
Her husband is coach of the Colima badminton team and he came a Wednesday afternoon with his players to divert the children who truly liked this sport.

Deyanira Chiñas, a Solibad’s longtime friend, asked for our help to allow those chidren to play badminton on a regular basis.
So we sent some rackets, nets, shuttles and shoes knowing that an adult there is taking good care of the material and supervises its good use.

Our goal with this program is, unlike for Gravata in Brazil, to help children to « forget » their difficult past through sport.
We are also going to send money for some school materials and other necessities – in term of needs of course.
Deyanira is the « manager » over these and regularly gives updates on the situation.