mars 9, 2011


We give special attention to your donations. As you can read in our philosophy, we make sure that all donations go directly to the field, and not to administrative or operational costs. This is also why Solibad is special: 100% of the donations go directly to the projects and we have a very strict budget policy to avoid any waste whatsoever.

There are currently two different ways you can make a donation to Solibad :
1. Bank Transfer:
Here is our bank account number
Bank Code : 10107
Bank account : 00312
Account : 009 280 113 47 Key 44
IBAN : FR76 1010 7003 1200 9280 1134 744
Bank Address
BRED – 48 Grande Rue Charles de Gaulle
94360 Bry sur Marne, France
2. Paypal/Credit card online payment:
If you want to make a donation online, it is also possible through a secure process. You can either use your paypal account directly if you have one, but if you don’t, you can also use your regular International debit/credit card (All major cards are accepted, Master Card, Visa Card, etc)
For both processes, you will decide on the amount of the money you would like to give and paypal will take a small commission fee (2 to 4% depending on where you are from)
It only takes a few seconds and the procedure is secured by Paypal
Use paypal or your Credit Card to make a donation (click on the logo below)