The Project

The project in Gravata, Brazil, vows to help children from underprivileged areas – in particular, the townships of Recife, in the North East of Brazil. Gravata welcomes 65 children under the tutorage of Maria do Carmo  member of the local catholic church, and a German Badminton coach, Frank Duesberg.

The idea behind Gravata is to give children a chance to get back to school and go back on the right tracks, getting away from drugs and violence in the favelas of Recife, through a competitive badminton program.

Solibad has decided to help the children from Gravata by supplying them with badminton equipment – collected from clubs, individuals and brands, but also to launch a foster program, where badminton clubs from all over the world can « tutor » a badminton student at Gravata. This can be done by either helping them financially for their daily needs, or for the clubs willing to invest more time and efforts, to sponsor one of the best players to allow them to travel to local competitions, and live their dreams to become a international badminton player.

A mission on site was sent to Gravata in March 2011
The project was validated by SoliBad in April 2011

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———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————The latest news   

September 2015

The children are happy and proud to wear the Solibad logo their as Carolina Marin Martin (SPA), doubles world champion.

 February 2015

We are very happy to receive good news from your project in Gravata, Brazil.

The Children we are helping, and who are playing during a Commemorative Championship where More than 100 athletes from 4 states of the Northeast of Brazil are participating.
3 days of games with the presence of the National Coach of Brazil, Marco Vasconcelos, who during the day has made several Workshops and played with highly motivated kids !!!

October  2014, 3rd

Through the coaching taught by Frank and Jose Paulo (Paulinho), a team took part in the third stage of the National Championship Tournament, taking place at Espirito Santo. Two young players from the school, Alex Felix and Lucas Pereira, mounted on the third place of the podium (with a nice Solibad T-shirt !), which is a great result for them and their coach Paulinho.

November 2012, 3rd

On Saturday, 03 November 2012 the project Sonhos & Badminton (Dreams & Badminton) in Gravatá, Brazil completed its 8th anniversary. From a very timid start with only a couple of children who never even had heard of Badminton, the project has grown significantly. It is important to mention, that the principles defined at the beginning are still the same. Get the children and adolescents off the streets and keep them in the school, help them with clothing and food, offer them a place to have fun without violence, improve their self-respect, improve their perspective for the future and compete in national and international championships.

As it is tradition by now on our birthdays, we organize a little championship, with nice food, ice cream (!) and a birthday cake. This year, we received congratulations from all over the world, including the President of the National Badminton Confederation, Francisco Ferraz and we had the honor of the personal visit from the President of Federation from Rio Grande do Norte, Antonio Carlos Monteiro.

A special thanks to Solibad, our main sponsor, who offered the delicious breakfast, lunch and cake!

October 14th 2012

Watch The children from Gravata perform Solibad Flashmob on September 29th 2012