Happy Birthday SOLIBAD !

15 New Ambassadors for Solibad’s 5th anniversary

15 of the most famous badminton stars have decided to join Solibad to celebrate in style the 5th anniversary of the Charity foundation. Solibad, which stands for “Solidarity and Badminton” also announced the selling of a new calendar for 2015 with pictures of the players to benefit the projects. ONWS

Chris and Gabby Adcock for England, Jwala Gutta and Aswhini Ponnappa for India, Tai Tzu Ying for Chinese Taipei, Greysia Polii for Indonesia, Gronya Somerville for Australia, Kirsty Gilmour for Scotland, Derek Wong and Vanessa Neo for Singapore, Paula Lynn Obanana for the USA, Sabrina Jaquet for Switzerland, Selena Piek for the Netherlands, Kate Foo Kune for Mauritius, Yuhan Tan for Belgium. This could be a line up for the last stages of a major badminton event, but these are the names of the new comers in the Solibad fraternity as official Ambassadors for their home countries. Each one vows to make a difference on and off court, by promoting the actions of Solibad, a foundation which is quite unique in the world of sport.

“I’m happy to be part of Solibad’s Ambassadors as I believe we can give back through badminton and somehow help the ones in the need » say Jwala Gutta, from India, who has already been quite active on the charity scene, for Solibad and other organizations in India.
ONWS5 A Calendar of top stars to celebrate

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Solibad will sell a printed calendar online with some exclusive photos by Badmintonphoto, one of the best Specialized Agency in badminton. An occasion for fans to see Peter Gade or Lee Yong Dae amongst others, both in action and wearing Solibad colors – another first in the world of badminton. All players in the calendar have agreed to give their time for free in order to get more benefits for the foundation’s projects.


5 years and many achievements already

In 5 years, the foundation has had a lot of exposure all around the world: Solibad is now a well known Charity thanks to its charismatic ambassadors. As for the projects, all the money collected went on site, as it was promised by Solibad founders when it was launched. All administrative costs were covered by Solibad’s partners which means that 100% of the US 80 000 $ raised until now was sent directly on site, to our projects.

In Brazil, children from the townships of Gravata, (North-East Brazil) have been able to leave their violent environment, get back to school and join a peaceful badminton academy, with hopes to maybe, one day, be part of Brazil’s National team. In Iran, Solibad is financing a badminton project for young boys and girls in the poorest parts of Tehran – one of the rare occasions for girls especially to get out of their suburbs and join an active and joyful community. In Uganda, Solibad funded the scholarship of 35 children either orphans or living with HIV/AIDS in the remote village of Mawanga. In India, a new project seeks to help children with hearing disabilities. In Malaysia, one of the oldest projects finances the daily needs of 70 children in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. In Vietnam, Solibad finances part of Mr Vu’s small Badminton Academy, with children from his local village coming to study and play in the badminton court he built in his own garden, with impressive results – one of his protégés is now Vietnam’s top badminton female shuttler, Vu Thi Trang. 3

Solibad has been nominated for two Fair Play awards from AIPS (Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive) in 2011. In 2014, the Foundation was officially registered as a licensed Charity organization from the French Gouverment (“Association d’Intêret General”)

“It’s been a roller coaster of emotions during these past 5 years and it’s almost impossible to sum it all up in a few words. I have vivid memories of it all. The camps in Haiti where kids had nothing to do and welcome us like Messiah with our badminton rackets. The songs of the children welcoming us in that Village in Uganda miles from anything. The joyful smiles of our Malaysian orphans in Kuala Lumpur or the way they learned how to say thank you in so many languages just to thank our donators. But also everything that happened in the Solibad fraternity: receiving videos from one hundred different cities with badminton players performing a worldwide “flashmob” on one of our Solibad days. Watching top stars and BWF’s President to be Poul-Erik Hoyer enjoying themselves to raise funds in Geneva during our unique “One night with stars I and II” … It’s just amazing what happened in just 5 years. The support from local clubs (especially in France), from European Students through their annual “ISBT tournaments”, from some of the top Federations or Confederations like Badminton Europe recently. All this is really motivating for us.” says Solibad’s President.

10 “Of course, it is hard work and we often spend most of our free time on projects, setting up fundraising activities, but when we realize that it does really make a difference in the lives of those who are not as lucky as we are, then we all know it’s worth it. A simple smile from one of these kids and we forget everything else!”

“ I can’t thank enough all those who have made a difference for our projects, from the Ambassadors, of course, our Global Ambassadors Pi Hongyan and Peter Gade, my team mates at Solibad who are fantastic, but also all the fans out there, around the planet, who have gone that extra mile to help us” says Sachetat.




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