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One night with Stars is a unique event in the world of Badminton where top stars play exhibition matches to raise funds for Solibad. The first edition of “One night with Stars” was held in Geneva in March 2011.

One Night with Stars 2013

On April 27th 2013, from 19h, the action is back in Geneva, with no less than 15 stars who will perform a live show for the lucky spectator of the Queue d’Arve Arena, in the heart of Geneva. Peter Gade, Wong Choong Hann, Nathan Robertson, Pi Hongyan, Matthieu Lo Ying Ping, Petr Koukal, Agnese Allegrini, Anita Kaur, Agung Ruhanda, Sabrina Jacquet, Yohanes Hagianto, Niels Christian Kaldau , Suzanne Rayappan. As a very special guest, former Olympian Champion Poul-Erik Hoyer Larsen will be also playing in this event.

More than 3h30 hours of show, music and surprises. It will be one of the unique chances to see Peter Gade back on court as the Legendary Dane has just retired few weeks ago.

Train with Stars : unique in the world !

The event will be followed, the next day, by an incredible coaching session for 40 lucky players. For 45 minutes, they will be coached by the stars themselves – a unique chance to be given tips by living legends. Two sessions will be held at 10 am and 11 am on Sunday April 28th. Price for this extraordinary session is 100 € / player (120 CHF)


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