Organizing events on behalf of Solibad and to collect funds is at the heart of our action, as we try to make a change and raise funds by having fun and creating special moments. There are many different events that can be held under the Solibad banner and we are happy for you to introduced new events to us.

There is no minimum of fund raising amount – the important is that you are enjoying yourself organizing the event. Solibad however will not be able to “invest” or help you in a financial way to organize an event – it must be self managed and make some benefits.

What kind of events can you help organize to collect funds ?

– Exhibition matches (with local or international stars)
– Tournaments (this can be your regular tournament with fund raising during the event though many different ways: lucky draws, tombolas, games, participating fee, food market, etc)
– Auction (live or online) of International stars items (photos, shirts, rackets)
– Charity dinners
– Many other ideas (feel free to share)

 The procedure to organize an event

We want to make sure that your event is validated before it takes place – it’s important that we know before, so that we can confirm that the money collected will be given back to Solibad.

1. Fill in the online form HERE and send us an e-mail to tell us that you have applied: and

2. Solibad staff will validate your event and send you tips and tools to make it even better

3. Once the event has been done, fill in the “feedback” questionnaire

4. Send the money that you have collected through a bank transfer or paypal through the donation process

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