Our adventurers

Here are some amazing people that all have in common to be part of the big Badminton family and to be very close to Solibad. Through the challenges they  have face or will face, through their lifestyle, they promote Solibad all around the world and have contributed, in their own ways, to the development of our actions. And to make Solibad shine a bit more, and in a different way.

Maxime – Our « Maillot jaune »

Maxime Francois is a young man who is the first one to have joined the Solibad team with a crazy « non badminton » idea in his mind : Cycle his own « Tour de France » on his bike, at the same time as the pro cyclists, but through a different pattern – he wanted to make a stop in all the French badminton Clubs which were happy to sign the Solibad charter. In the summer of 2013, he cycled more than 3000 kms, alone with no outside help, though winds and rain, heat and dust, in order to promote Solibad in local clubs.

22 clubs have signed our charter during his visits and he’s lived an incredible experience. It was clearly a big challenge for him – Maxime is one of the top 50 badminton players in France but was only riding his bike to go to the University before he started training hard for this adventure !

When he got back to Paris, that same summer, he decided to start up a new charity association to work closely with Solibad « Association Sportive des Sans Abris » (Sports association for homeless) and this will help developp one of Solibad’s new project in France for 2014 and 2015. Maxime has also started cycling again – he is now preparing to beat the world record of home trainer (a still bike) distance in 24h, together with another badminton shuttler, Joran Love. The record tentative – still under Solibad colours – will be held on June 7th in Boulogne-Billancourt, few miles away from the home of the French Badminton Open.

Fred The « Scooter man »

Frederic Benoist is an extraordinary adventurer. PE teacher during the day, he spends all his free time and holidays on his competition scooter. After crossing part of Australia in 2013 – almost 3200 kms, he was back on track for another crazy adventure in 2015 when he planned to cross the USA, from Miami to San Francisco on his Scooter – 6000 kms.

He has not only an amazing fitness, but also a great heart : As a badminton player for more than 25 years, one of the founder of the small club of Bry Sur Marne (where Solibad’s headquarters are), Fred decided to give a solidarity twist to his adventures, and was planning to give part of the money he got from sponsors and donations to two Charities – Solibad and « The Adventures of Nohann ».

After several weeks in the South of the USA, Florida, Georgia, Fred was closed to getting in a very bad road accident and had to put an end to his journey as roads in the USA were too dangerous for him to continue. However, the spirit remains and he will probably board on another adventure soon with his Solibad shirt.

Luc BayettoAround the world in 30 summits – or more.

Badminton player, self-educated artisan of life and sharing (as he defines himself) and explorer in his spare time, Luc started a fabulous journey around the world in 2017. The expected trip, was meant to take him through 60 countries on 4 continents.

His goal, or more like his desire, was to conciliate adventure and humanitarian projects. A global project has been built around values he learnt over his life. However, after a few months in his journey through eastern Europe and Russia, Luc faced incredible difficult conditions and had to come back to France. He remains one of Solibad’s best ambassadors for his courage and will to make a change.


Geraldine Yam30 000 km on a bike.

Our Australian friend Geraldine Yam just finished an amazing journey, cycling from Singapore to Istambul, Turkey.  go on a big tour riding her bike together with her other half Pascal. She wanted to use this tour to raise some funds and awareness for the program of Solibad VFI in Laos which targets to help young women victims of human trafficking.

In the 345 days of travelling from January 25th 2018 until January 7th 2019 with no less than close to 30 000km ridden on her bike, Geraldine crossed Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Iran, Turkey.




4 ou pas Cap – The crazy four

Another set of crazy young people, the team of ‘4 ou pas Cap » from France left the French Capital at the end of 2018 to make a world tour, trying to meet the challengers thrown by their friends and sponsors all around the world, and, at the same time, working on charity together with Solibad. The group of 4 led by now famous « Clem » – who reached the final of « Koh Lanta », one of the most watched French TV survival show – the group of 4 have left Europe to travel to New Zealand and Australia first, before heading to Asia, where they will meet different actors of the Solibad projects. Clementine is a badmiton coach in her daily life and will try to give back to some of Solibad’s children along the way, in between two crazy challenges. Their journey can be seen here (French)