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To fulfill its objectives, SOLIBAD will seek funding from individuals or institutions with the help of partners who follow us in our objectives through fundraising and different types of events. All without obligation, free and totally independent without any religious or political connotations

The Distribution of Aide

One of the key aims of SOLIBAD is to ensure that 100% of the funds raised will definitely go to our projects. By selecting with greater attention the local projects we are supporting, whether local associations that we have verified the reliabilityof, or the direct populations we intend to help. In addition to this we intend to distribute fairly and evenly, the goods or funds collected by going to the places chosen for aid assistance. Finally, by ensuring the match between all the projects and their achievements in the (actual) field.

1 € raised 1 € on the field

Thanks to volunteers, all funds that are raised will go directly into our projects. The administrative costs will be taken care of by the Badzine Association. Other expenses (airfares, etc.) incurred by project participants will be paid by outside agencies or by the individuals themselves.

Similarly, our « Badzine Trips » could be linked to projects for the delivery of goods and a means to do that  without charge, in exchange and encounter (Badzine Trip 7 in Indonesia, Project 2011). The main way of promoting our actions will be the distribution of information via both the Internet and word of mouth, to avoid charges and excessive and unnecessary paper usage to avoid any environmental concerns.

How can I participate ?

Players at all levels, leaders club, CODEP, League or Federation, physical education teachers involved in the UNSS, CEO or simply fans of badminton, everybody is welcome to bring their “feathers” and join in!

There are many ways in which you can help: you can of course simply join us and thus contribute to SOLIBAD. You can also participate or organize different events, fundraising tournaments, demonstrations, festivals and other events within the community of badminton. Raffles and contests can also be organised, whereby a percentage of the receipts taken for refreshments, voluntary donations, entry fees and so forth are used to assist SOLIBAD’s fundraising efforts.

Raising funds is of course essential, but SOLIBAD awareness within and outside the community of badminton is also very important. So you can also help us by wearing the colors of SOLIBAD, displaying the logo and information about SOLIBAD in your gymnasiums and on your websites, or only by simply spreading the word by telling people what we’re trying to achieve!

For further information, please see the practical information sheets designed specifically for your requirements: (currently under construction)

Donation can be made online in few easy steps (secured payment)

By Paypal/ Credit Card – Click HERE

By Bank transfert :
Bank Code : 10107
Bank account : 00312
Account : 009 280 113 47 Key  44

IBAN : FR76 1010 7003 1200 9280 1134 744