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The philosophy of Solibad is to bring together the badminton community to collect funds in order to help projects involving children in different parts of the planet. We are keen on helping small scale projects initiated by locals, or by ourselves. We take action seriously but with humility and without being condescending, by using the time and resources donated by individuals or groups willing to join our cause. We ask everyone to put their skills, enthusiasm, financial help and/or his time for the causes and projects that we support.

We try to help without imposing our ideas, our way of thinking, without judging but also by respecting manners, customs and cultures of those we will help with tolerance, humility and in good spirit.

Giving is receiving

At Solibad, we strongly believe that giving is also receiving. We keep in mind that we are here to help the people we need to find solutions to improve their lives themselves, but we make sure that whatever we do is done in a joyful spirit. Badminton is a sport, but it is also a game. And we want to have fun while collecting money, so that it is a “win-win” situation, for those who collect the money, and those who benefit from our programs. This notion is very important to us, and we do not wish to be feeling like we are making sacrifices in order to help other people. We want to be happy in the process as well.