Medellin1This new Solibad program in Colombia, in Medellín – a well known city for its drug problems – helps children living in the poorest part of the city, to get back to sport. The Poona badminton club welcomes forty children but also twenty adults amogst their members – a good way for them to be able to forget, for a few hours, their difficult daily life.

However, Poona Badminton Club has very little means to welcome its members. Shuttles, for example, are very expensive in Colombia. Families have no possibility of buying a racket and many people have no adequate shoes. Furthermore, the children living farther in mountains cannot come to train because the price of the public transport is too high.

Jillie Cooper, a former National Scottish player now living in Colombia, has decided to give them a hand. Together with her help in February 2015,  Solibad sent rackets, clothes, shuttles and shoes collected in France. The parents were moved in tears and the children had wonderful smiles when they received the first shipment.

Solibad Board has since decided to make this an official program and is going to continue its help by sending of the equipment but also some money to allow about ten poor children living farther in the mountain to join this club to go out a few of their environment and be able to envisage a more serene future.

In the end of March 2015, 1500 € were sent to Medellin to help fund this new program.


September 2015

We recieved a great photo of the children from our program to Medellin with Daniel Paiola, our nice Ambassador from Brasil during an International tournament in Columbia 🙂
We hope for a real motivation for these children.