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A classroom in Mulpani

On April 25th 2015, a major earthquake hit Nepal with close to 10 000 casualties and a lot of houses destroyed in the Kathmadhu Valley. After a huge amount of help sent in the city right after the disaster, there were a lot of schools left with no outside help to be reconstructed. Together with a local foundation, Sahara, founded in 2009 – the board of Solibad has decided to help fund the reconstruction of a school, and, at the same time, help fund scholarships for children of other schools – one is already running, in a small village near Katmandhu called Mulpani as well as another school in another village.

1. Ananda Bhairab scholarship project


The courtyard with Solibad colours

The Ananda Bhairad Secondary school lies in the outskirts of Katmandhu, in a small village called Mulpani, where 600 students go to school everyday, from age 5 to 15 (grade 3 to 10). Children of this school live in very poor conditions, with parents working in local factories or in the rice fields earning just barely enough to feed their families. A government policy in Nepal is helping girls to go to school with a small scholarship 400 Rs per school girl (US$ 4) per year. This of course doesn’t cover much than a few sheet of paper, so, the School run by the Headmaster, Khrisna Neupane has decided to look for funding from outside to get an extra grant for some girls who need it most. The families then apply for this scholarship and the school board decides who are the eligible students to get a scholarship of 4000 Rps per year (50 US$). At Solibad, we have decided that we wanted to give some help to some of these girls, who sometimes live with their parents and brothers and sisters in a one room little house in the village, with very limited sources of funding for the education. This grant will cover for the school papers and books and the uniform of the girls and provide them with the basic needs for a year in school. This sponsorship will go through a new process for us: the sponsorship directly from a badminton club for a specific student. This will create a special relationship between students and badminton clubs all over the planet, with news exchanged from time to time to create an even stronger bond. This is a first and we have tried it first year with 30 girls at Ananda Bhairab school. It is possible for each club to sponsor up to 2 girls per year, but also to sponsor the second Nepali project on the side.


Two young students of Mulpani

LATEST NEWS – Since our first campaign of scholarships was very successful 30 French Clubs vowed to finance the girl’s scholarships. We have decided to include in this program 11 boys who go to a different school, (Shree Bagehini Secondary School in Nagarkot) but also need a scholarship to cover their school uniforms and material.

If your club is interested in sponsoring a Nepali girl student (for a later campaign) or one of the 11 boys, click HERE

(For now, we ask only club to sponsor the Nepali school students – individual sponsorship may come at a later stage)

2. The reconstruction of the Nachya Pauwa Primary school

The village of Bhote Gaun situated at around 20 km from the Nepali capital Katmandhu was struck by the 2015 earthquake. One of the school’s main building collapsed and has not yet been rebuilt due to a lack of funding. This means that only less than half of the school children can attend class – the other half have to either stay home or attend another school much further away. The village nearby is occupied by one of the lowest casts of the Nepali inhabitants – from the Tamang community – and the village near the school survives in very poor conditions, with children left pretty much on their own as most of their parents have fled to the middle east as workers to try to earn some money. The children live with their grand-parents and the main activity in the village is to create and sell the local alcohol. Some of the children drink that strong alcohol already and are clearly not in great health.


Nachya Pauwa School after 2015 earthquake

The idea for this project is to rebuild part of the school by financing the construction which will be strong enough for potential future quakes, but also, create awareness for the children about the dangers of alcohol consumption. We will work together with the local community leaders to implement some special classes to teach the children about health and well being.

A badminton class may also be started if we find the local resources to coach. The total cost of the reconstruction of the school is yet to be defined by our coordinator on site (Kabita Manandhar through her local NGO « Sahara Foundation”. Solibad will try to raise the necessary amount of money to complete the building by the end of the next school year.

If you wish to participate in the funding of this school building, please click HERE to make a donation (main page then, click on « make a donation).

All photos : Sandrine Destouches/Solibad



Nachya Pauwa School after 2015 earthquake

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