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Solibad is a world wide organization, but in spite of having all the biggest badminton stars as our Ambassadors, we still need some help to promote our actions. Promoting Solibad can be vey easy – anyone can help with a bit of time and an access to a computer, Internet or a telephone line.

The more our logo and our RSS Feeds appear online, the better are the chances to collect money and make a difference. We need your help to spread the word, by e-mail, by all kinds of social networking, etc. For all promotional activity, you are free to use our “download box” to find logos of different sizes, press releases, posters, etc.

Here are some ideas on how to help us promote Solibad :

1. Internet promotion
- Share our RSS feeds on your website (News feed or Auction feed)
- Add our logo to your website
- Contact webmasters of influential websites  to ask them to put our logo/RSS Newsfeed (Forums, county/national federations, big clubs, etc)
- Spread the word about our actions on forums, discussion lists, etc

2. Social Networking:
- “Like” our Facebook page
- “Follow us” on tweeter / retweet our tweets

3. Media promotion:
- Help us translate/forward our press releases to your local media
- Talk to reporters on site about our actions when you have the chance

4. Live promotion:
- Have your club/team wear our colours – why not have our beautiful logo on your team/club shirt ?
- Hang banners in your hall to promote Solibad
- Print posters in your gym/badminton hall

Soon, Solibad will have an online boutique with different items for sale (laces, shirts, etc).