Smash Your Diabetes.
Badminton for type I diabetic youths.

In order to raise awareness about the people being affected by type I diabetes and to conciliate sport with a social action, Solibad , Badminton Without Borders, in collaboration with the French Federation and « L’Association Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques », decided to establish an action called « Smash your diabetes » to allow stage I diabetic children and teenagers to discover the practice of badminton in a privileged environment within French clubs and with trained supervisors which are ready t echo to their needs.
The action has for goal to allow stage I diabetic children and teenagers to be able to practice badminton in badminton clubs who have signed our Solibad Charter in their region as a first step, then hopefully in all clubs under the French Federation.

This action will make people understand better this disease and make them aware that young diabetics are people just like them. It could also be a good tool to lead people to go for screening of the illness. Badminton represents a good way to ensure a physical and psychological balance for these youngsters and thus contribute to the significant improvement of their quality of live.

Concretely, a few clubs (in the first place and then, a bigger majority of the 2500 clubs from the FFBad) are going to open their doors to diabetics in privileged conditions: reserved places within their training sessions with coachs educated about the disease and a potential financial assistance for subscriptions the first year at the club’s discretion, and a sensitibilisation of the whole club towards diabetes so that everyone understands the disease and welcome youth diabetics in the best environment possible. Clubs will hence encourage diabetics to play with other players within the normal sessions.

Last but not least, family association and hospitals providing these young diabtetics  will be put in contact  so that, locally, links can be quickly set up. Communication media about the project, in collaboration with the AJD for their medical expertise, will be handed out to the different action contributors to give all the necessary information.