Solibad Days – Edition 2017

Solibad Days

« Solibad Day » aims at promoting Solibad’s actions, by creating « happenings » all around the world. A unique Concept

For the past four years, we have created a concept of worldwide flashmobs and original events. On September 29th 2012, more than 100 cities joined the movement in unity – a World record. In 2014, the theme has changed – not a flashmob, but a theme around Solibad’s 7 letters…In 2015 the theme was « Badminton Everywhere ». In 2016, the theme was « Solibad Night » and we received amazing images from all over the world. Here is a link to see what happened in 2013.


Solibad DayS 2017 – Solibad Challenge

April 8th – 30th 2017
This year we’ve decided that the Solibad Days in 2017 will not only be one day but three weeks, so that everyone can participate !
The theme in 2017 : « Solibad Challenge »
The idea is for every one to create a « Challenge » for one person or for a group (team, club, friends, etc) and set up a crowdfunding page for this challenge. Important : these challenges have to be fun, original, but NOT dangerous !

Anyone can do a Solibad Challenge. Some of our top stars will do it, the kids from our solibad programs will do it. It can be a one day challenge, or a challenge set on a few days.

Ideas of Solibad challenges you could organize :

  • Races (run a certain amount of kilometres, ride a bike, etc)
  • Break a record (in your club, number of people hitting the shuttlecock, number of hits, etc)
  • Go from one place to another on a funny vehcule (hooverboard redecorated, a scooter, with badminton rackets attached to the vehicule, etc)
  • Create a human pyramid
  • Do the Solibad « Plank Challenge » (see below)
  • etc (all ideas are welcome).

The Solibad Plank Challenge (perfect for Solibad Ambassadors!)

Some of you have participated in the US Veteran Push up challenges. This one is quite similar. The idea is to keep this challenge for 22 consecutive days, trying to do a 1 minute Plank (you keep a still position lying on your elbows with your back flat – it makes you work your abdominal muscles at the same time!). Each day, you do 5 seconds more than the day before, and each day, you nominate 2 friends. Try to do the challenge everyday in a different place (at home, in a different room, in funny places, so that people watch every single challenge!). Best is do it Live on Facebook, or record it and post it later. The idea for this challenge is to raise awareness for Solibad and to collect money. While doing your challenge, you can ask people to donate on your page (you will give the link to your crowdfunding campaign). You can set yourself a target in terms of funding, or not. Up to you. Even if there is no funding, Solibad will be widely known if a lot of people do it.

What to do ?
1. Think of a challenge, either on your own or with your club, team mates
2. Register yourself on the google docs form so that we validate the challenge
3. Create a fundraising page (we will help you with that)
4. Launch the Challenge (use Facebook live during the Challenge if you can, if not, record it on video and send it to us)

Let’s make it happen… It should be fun !

Register online here :

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