Solibad Day

« Solibad Day » aims at promoting Solibad’s actions, by creating « happenings » all around the world. A unique Concept

For the past two years, we have created a concept of worldwide flashmobs. On September 29th 2012, more than 100 cities joined the movement in unity – a World record. In 2014, the theme has changed – not a flashmob, but a theme around Solibad’s 7 letters…

SD15_poster_enSolibad DayS 2015

April 18 – 26th 2015
Indeed, we’ve decided the Solibad Day in 2015 will not only be one day but a whole week, so that everyone can participate !
The theme in 2015 : « Badminton everywhere »
Solibad Day in four easy steps :
1. Find a good spot:
Iconic, fun, original, crazy. The crazier, the better. Try to make it « local » – so we know where you are just by looking at the video, or wear traditionnal clothes
No need to be hindreds of people. Three are enough (even if it’s nice if it’s more too !) – No gyms, but it can be indoor or outdoor (water, air, anything, really !)
2. Wear a white shirt with Solibad Logo
That’s the only real thing you need to do, so that we all look alike, all around the globe. You can wear an old shirt and attach the printed logo on it, or draw on the shirt, etc.
3. Play badminton and have fun !
The whole idea is t show that we’re having fun while promoting Solibad. So, be crazy when you play.
4. Record and Send
Record yourselves while you play in a common video format (MP4, MKV; AVI) and send it to us at :
Do not use email to send, but use the service « » or something similar.
All videos should be sent before April 26th so we can make a big video with all of your bits!
You can also post it as soon as it’s ready on your own Facebook page or wall !
Anytime between Saturday April 18th to Sunday April 26th
Let’s make it happen…
The Link to the Facebook event Here
PLEASE, let us know if you are doing the Solibad Days so we can expect your video.
Register online here :
Contacts & questions : /

Solibad Day 2014

In June 28th 2014
THE THEME – « Seven Letters, One Wor(l)d ».
The idea was to show Solibad’s support all around the world, by creating the seven letters of the word « SOLIBAD », in different ways.
We had 100 cities participating in 201
Addu City – Male (Maldives), Alicante (Spain), Amiens (France), Athens (Greece), Auckland (New Zealand), Baku (Azerbajian), Bangkok (Thailand), Barcelona (Spain), Basel (Switzeland), Belgrade (Serbia), Blanquefort (France), Boulogne Billancourt (France), Bruxelles (Belgium), Bry sur Marne (France) Caim (Australia) Cairo (Egypt)Cape Town – Gugulethu (South Africa) Calvi, Corse (France) Campinas (Brasil) Christchurch (New Zealand) Copacabana, Rio (Brasil) Copenhagen (Denmark) Conpenhagen, Anu Nieminen’s Academy (Denmark) Copsa Mica (Roumania) Coral Island (Mauritius) Charleroi (Belgium) Dublin (Ireland) Francheville (France) Gerpinnes (Belgium) Ghajn Tuffieha (Malta) Gravata (Brasil) Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico) Haarlem (Netherland) Hernando Beach, FL (USA) Hollywood, LA (USA) Hong Kong (China) Houston (Tex) (USA) Hull (England) Hyderabad (India) Incheon (Korea) Jakarta (Indonesia) Kampala (Uganda) Karachi (Pakistan) Kathmandu (Nepal) Kenitra (Morocco) Komotini (Greece) Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Lagro (Philippines) Las Vegas (Vallley of fire) Ne (USA) Lisses (France) Llandrindod, Powys (Walles) Lombard – IL (USA) London (England) London(2) (England) Loughborough (England) Lyon (France) Lyon 2 (France) Marseille (France) Manilla II (Philippines) Mawanga (Uganda)Mexico City (Mexico)? (Moldavia) Mont Blanc (France) Mont sur Marchienne (Belgium) Moscow (Russia) Naxos (Greece) Niteroi (Brasil) Norwich (England) Nozay (France)Odense (Denmark) Orleans (France) Oro,Holb?k (Denmark) Paris (France) Pressbaum (Austria) Saint Aubin sur Mer (France) Saint-Gratien (France) San Miguel de Abona,Tenerife (Spain) Strasbourg (Gaetan) (France) Sucy (France) Rio Bonito-RJ (Brasil) Rocamadour (France) Seoul (Korea) Sydney (Australia) Sydney Harbour (Australia) Tahiti (France) Taipei (Taiwan) Tamanrasset (Algeria) Tarbes (France) Tel Aviv (Israel) Tokyo (Japan) Utrecht (Netherland) Vancouver (Canada) Vern sur Seiche (France) Vienne (Austria) Vitero (Italia) Warsaw (Polska) Washington (USA) Waterloo (Belgium) Wimbledon (England)

Solibad Day 2013

In 2013, Solibad Day will be held on June 29th 2013. The Theme wass « Badminton Without Borders », with different ways of celebrating the day, everyone around the planet. 

Click Here for more information on last year’s Solibad Day.

Look at the video HERE