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Solibad Day

“Solibad Day” aims at promoting Solibad’s actions, by creating “happenings” all around the world. A unique Concept

For the past two years, we have created a concept of worldwide flashmobs. On September 29th 2012, more than 100 cities joined the movement in unity – a World record. In 2014, the theme has changed – not a flashmob, but a theme around Solibad’s 7 letters…


Solibad Day 2014

June 28th 2014

THE THEME – “Seven Letters, One Wor(l)d”.

The idea is to show Solibad’s support all around the world, by creating the seven letters of the word “SOLIBAD”, in different ways. It can be human letters. It can be balloons. It can be.. anything. Either just one letter, or all letters one by one, or the whole word.

There is, as you can see, a twist with the motto. Solibad makes one word, but also makes one worLd (hence the different colour for the “L” in the logo)

We need creativity. The more original, the better. You can use badminton items (shuttles, rackets, nets, etc). The place you do it is also important – the more symbolic of your country, the better. Or you can use tradition costumes. Anyways, it’s all yours to create and have fun.

The advantage of this theme is that it’s simple, and you can do it even if there are only few of you. But if there are many people, it’s even better !

The idea is to send a High Resolution photograph (or a video if more appropriate, or both) of your SOLIBAD LETTER(S) the very same day of the event, so that we can compile them all the same evening and send it to the media very quickly. It will have a bigger impact. Find a spot where you can take the picture from above ideally.

The Date : June 28th 2014 !
Let’s make it happen…
The Link to the Facebook event Here


If you intend to organize an event for Solibad Day, here is what you have to do (in the right order)

1. Fill in the form HERE (check if your city is already in the list below the image)
2. Solibad staff will validate your event and send you an email – we will also create an event page on Facebook
3. That’s it ! You can then start organizing it with your friends !



Contacts & questions : raphael@solibad.net / cristina@solibad.net

 The cities who are already participating for 2014: ALL PHOTOS IN SOLIBAD FACEBOOK PAGE
99 cities so far

Addu City – Malé (Maldives)
Alicante (Spain)
Amiens (France)
Athens (Greece)
Auckland (New Zealand)
Baku (Azerbajian)
Bangkok (Thailand)
Barcelona (Spain)
Basel (Switzeland)
Belgrade (Serbia)
Blanquefort (France)
Boulogne Billancourt (France)
Bruxelles (Belgium)
Bry sur Marne (France)
Caim (Australia)
Cairo (Egypt)
Cape Town – Gugulethu (South Africa)
Calvi, Corse (France)
Campinas (Brasil)
Christchurch (New Zealand)
Copacabana, Rio (Brasil)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Conpenhagen, Anu Nieminen’s Academy (Denmark)
Copsa Mica (Roumania)
Coral Island (Mauritius)
Charleroi (Belgium)
Dublin (Ireland)
Francheville (France)
Gerpinnes (Belgium)
Ghajn Tuffieha (Malta)
Gravata (Brasil)
Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico)
Haarlem (Netherland)
Hernando Beach, FL (USA)
Hollywood, LA (USA)
Hong Kong (China)
Houston (Tex) (USA)
Hull (England)
Hyderabad (India)
Incheon (Korea)
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Kampala (Uganda)
Karachi (Pakistan)
Kathmandu (Nepal)
Kenitra (Morocco)
Komotini (Greece)
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Lagro (Philippines)
Las Vegas (Vallley of fire) Ne (USA)
Lisses (France)
Llandrindod, Powys (Walles)
Lombard – IL (USA)
London (England)
London(2) (England)
Loughborough (England)
Lyon (France)
Lyon 2 (France)
Marseille (France)
Manilla II (Philippines)
Mawanga (Uganda)
Mexico City (Mexico)
? (Moldavia)
Mont Blanc (France)
Mont sur Marchienne (Belgium)
Moscow (Russia)
Naxos (Greece)
Niteroi (Brasil)
Norwich (England)
Nozay (France)
Odense (Denmark)
Orléans (France)
Orø,Holbæk (Denmark)
Paris (France)
Pressbaum (Austria)
Saint Aubin sur Mer (France)
Saint-Gratien (France)
San Miguel de Abona,Tenerife (Spain)
Strasbourg (Gaetan) (France)
Sucy (France)
Rio Bonito-RJ (Brasil)
Rocamadour (France)
Seoul (Korea)
Sydney (Australia)
Sydney Harbour (Australia)
Tahiti (France)
Taipei (Taiwan)
Tamanrasset (Algeria)
Tarbes (France)
Tel Aviv (Israel)
Tokyo (Japan)
Utrecht (Netherland)
Vancouver (Canada)
Vern sur Seiche (France)
Vienne (Austria)
Vitero (Italia)
Warsaw (Polska)
Washington (USA)
Waterloo (Belgium)
Wimbledon (England)


Solibad Day 2013

In 2013, Solibad Day will be held on June 29th 2013. The Theme wass “Badminton Without Borders”, with different ways of celebrating the day, everyone around the planet. 

Click Here for more information on last year’s Solibad Day.

Look at the video HERE