Mission & Philosophy

« Help » is an extremely diverse concept that is present today in several forms, whether it be religious, social, political or philosophical. Which means at the same time a lot and yet also means nothing…

Our intention is at first to help some small projects initiated by locals. We will take action lightly but seriously, without showing pity. We will work with humour, with humility and without being condescending, by using the time and resources donated by individuals. It’s not a means to exonerate ourselves. It’s a way for everyone to put their skills, enthusiasm and a little bit of money and/or his time into the service of causes that we endeavour to support.

A Helping hand, without wishing to take glory nor the need for recognition.

Help without imposing our ideas, our way of thinking, without judging; by respecting manners, customs and cultures of those we will help with tolerance, humility and in good spirit.

Epicurians & humanists

Helping by taking pleasure or happiness through sharing. SOLIBAD is Epicurean at the same time as being altruistic. These two notions are not paradoxical, because giving is receiving in the best sense of the term.

Always with the desire to empower those who need help, so that they can find solutions to improve their lives themselves. To ensure that our actions are sustainable.

Whatever our actions, they are not intended to change lives, but really to change them a little day by day as their lives are almost certainly more difficult than ours. And beyond the financial and material aspect, we will often arrange visits, to meet the people that we aim to help, to share a humanitarian concept, for those who want to be actively involved and for those who we can reach out through our means.

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