TOP PLAYERS – « Time to give back »

At the initiative of Hans Kristian Vittinghus, one of Denmark’s major players and one of Solibad’s most active Ambassadors, some top players have vowed to help Solibad by donating a little bit of the Prize Money that they earn on the circuit.

If you are one of the top players invested in the tour and that you would like to enter this Scheme « Show the Way ». Anyone can join this Scheme for as long as they want, and make it work as they wish. It can be a donation each time they win a match during their competition, it can also be a percentage of their global earnings on the tour during a tournament, or during the whole year.

“I feel like it is also important for those who can, to help the ones in the need and I felt like we could “show the way” for other badminton players. As for myself, I have decided to give 100 US$ each time I will win a match in a Superseries tournament; I had been thinking about it for a while, and now that the prize money have gone up a bit, I think it’s time. It won’t be a major change in my life, but I know that it can make a great difference in the lives of those who are not as lucky as we are” said the Dane, now ranked 9th in the world.
““I think it can actually give me that extra boost of motivation on court. I play for the win, of course, but I also play for the kids, somehow. Maybe other players will feel like that as well” added the Dane

The “Time to give back” scheme is quite simple: Top players just tell Solibad whether they want to donate a certain amount of money each time they win a match, or a global percentage of their total prize money (1% or 2% of their prize money on a specific competition or on their annual pay check). This money will be entirely spent on Solibad’s actions for the children – not for administrative use.