You represent a club, a league, a national association

You represent a club, local and national Association

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Clubs, local or regional federations will play a key role in SOLIBAD action. More than an institution, our movement comes from the players themselves for whom clubs are an inexhaustible source of enthusiastic  projects. This is how any club or ‘group’ centred on badminton can really help us:

• As a club or League, Association, become a member of  SOLIBAD : from 30 € a year (link)

• Ask your own members to become Solibad members by collecting money on our behalf

• Organise SOLIBAD tournaments (for your members or for any players) : give back some money from the fees, or benefits from stalls, a lottery or any selling to SOLIBAD.

• Organise top players’ exhibitions: some of our Ambassadors will be happy, when they are free, to give some of their free time to participate in fund raising events for Solibad.

• Organise a fund raising in your city during sport or cultural events.

• Help Solibad to be widely known : put our banners/ links on your web site, or our leaflets in your sport halls. Promote Solibad in your forums, in neighbouring clubs, friends …

• Wear our logo: If you’re interested by our project, you can also make your team T-shirts flocked. We can make our logo in any colour, white or black to make it match with your T-shirt.
It is important to us that, while helping us though all these action, that you keep our motto in mind : make a change while having fun.