You represent a Company, an Institution

You represent a Company, an Institution

Solibad relies on every member of the social network to create a sustainable action.

Badminton gear manufacturers, brands and distributors have a decisive role regarding the success of our projects. So do companies who are interested in this unique concept in the world of sport.  There are some great opportunities for local and global partnerships, with benefits for each party.

We also support a variety of projects and initiatives, not exclusively related to badminton.

Here’s how corporate partners, institutions and communities can help:

–    Financial donations
–    Material goods donations (tailored to meet specific objectives. I.e.: our computer project for Bali’s Orphanage)
–    Promotional support (free t-shirts, discounted prints, etc.)

Your help is extremely valuable to us. We hope it will blossom into a long-term partnership, with a common humanist perspective!

Tools and documents to promote SOLIBAD (logo, posters, etc.) available for download here