Happy Birthday Solibad

PRESS RELEASE Paris, December 10th 2015 25 000 € sent to children projects for Solibad’s 6th birthday. While the very best players are involved in the BWF Destination Dubai Superseries finals this week – amongst which some Solibad ambassadors-, the Charity announced today that 25 000 € (30 000 US$) would be going in the[…]

Former Programs

Solibad intends to keep its programm for a long time, but sometimes, it is more efficient to let someone else take over. We also stop a program when this is no longer of any use. This was the case for these three former programs 1000 rackets for Haiti Care for Kids, Bali Mauritius

The French Badminton Federation (FFBaD) and Solibad are entering a strong partnership to conduct efficient actions

The FFBaD and the non-profit organization SOLIBAD-Badminton Without Borders- have signed today a strong partnership to take joint actions such as « Smash your diabetes », their first co-project to help the youth carrying a type I diabet to play Badminton in sports clubs. After an initial agreement signed in late 2014, Solibad and FFBaD formalized today[…]