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France Parabad championships

At the beginning of July, the French Parabadminton 2021 Championships were held in Carquefou, near Nantes. This was a special edition because of the recent return of some players to the courts. There was no doubt that the desire to resume competitions was there!

Solibad was well represented. With its booth on site, but first and foremost thanks to its its 10 ambassador and players who collected a total of 18 medals. Particularly awaited in view of her very good results on the international scene, our champion Faustine Noël proved herself by taking the gold medal in singles, in ladies' doubles with Lenaïg Morin and in mixed doubles with Guillaume Gailly.

David Toupé followed the same flawless record in the WH1 (wheelchair) category. In addition to the men's singles, David is involved in the men's doubles with Pascal Barillon and in the mixed doubles with Emmanuelle Ott. The winning team gaines three medals with the most beautiful colors.

We can also talk about our ambassador and former intern at Solibad Ceylian Kirchhoffer, who can be proud of his bronze medal obtained in men's doubles alongside Thomas Numitor.

These performances are a sight for a sore eyes, weeks before the Tokyo Paralympic Games which will take place after the Olympic Games, several Frenchman are expected to take part in such as Lucas Mazur who's the public's favorite or David Toupé, Faustine Noël, Lénaïg Morin and Thomas Jakobs.

Until then, we can only wish them good luck in their preparation!

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