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Indonesia : Encouraging results for 2021

Out of sight but not out of mind, the programs in Indonesia are among Solibad's most advanced projects. With 269 children and teenagers benefiting last month. We are taking advantage of these six months since the beginning of the year to draw up a first assessment of 2021. The situation is generally on the right track, but the health crisis has been gradually casting a shadow over the last few weeks.Among the activities developed locally, badminton, scholarships and martial arts are at the top of the list. Traditional dances have also been well received. The libraries are almost at a standstill.

On the badminton side, there is plenty of news. Children are happy to go to training sessions. For those whose schools have not reopened since March 2020, this is an essential new rhythm. Fortunately, some courses are held online. All the teams have received new uniforms, with the Solibad and Decathlon logos.

Let's take a look at the professional Ultimate team now. The national badminton federation (PBSI) has been badly affected by the pandemic, and rankings have lost their value. The remaining tournaments are now private. On a positive note, the Ultimate team has been able to continue "without missing a day of training until April 2021 - the beginning of Ramadan", says Dominique, the person in charge. Two new players, Anissa and Lutfi, were invited to join the team. And since February 2021, Mrs. Sarwendah, world champion in 1990, has been coaching the Ultimate team!

May 2021 marked a turning point and new perspectives await several players of the Ultimate team. Starting with Novia and Dimas, the "big two", both expected to come to Canada as coaches in a well-known club in Toronto. Already vaccinated, they should leave very soon and with many dreams in mind. For the others, the Ultimate team programme has been put on hold for a short period of time. Because of the hovering of family celebrations and the end of exams season mixed with a lack of return on investment.

Another issue in Indonesia for the Lakbok team whose actives have been significantly reduced due to political matters in which Solibad cannot intervene.The library and badminton team in Lakbok could be closed if no deal is made by September 2021.

We remain motivated and involved despite of these small issues with the ambition of offering new perspectives and chances to many disadvantaged young people. Such as Novia and Dimas who'll soon be in Canada or r Ibnu and Nata at Decathlon Indonesia as mentioned last month.

online classes from Finland.

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