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Solibad gives 1,000€ to the ROWAN program

In may’s newsletter we were bringing good news about ROWAN our Ugandan programs, the program had just inaugurated a new learning center in order to bridge the educational gap and help children and their families. However the covid-19 situation is worsening by the minute in developing countries and Uganda is sadly no exception. A new covid-19 wave hit the country, children where sent home from school and families are quarantined which means they have to provide food to all the members of the family.

On top of the sanitary crisis there is a food crisis as crops are not doing well an the prices of essential products are skyrocketing which means that getting food is becoming a privilege that a lot of our ROWAN families can’t afford. The ROWAN program launched a fundraiser in order to help provide essential dry food

( beans, rice, salt, flour) to the families in need. The program already raised $5,843, Solibad donated 1,000€ but we need your help to reach the goal which is set at $10,000. Every dollar counts, you can donate to ROWAN here. Don’t hesitate to spread the word and share the fundraiser.

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