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Update about the call for donations for India

In May Solibad launched an emergency fundraising campaign to help India overcome the health crisis linked to covid. One month later thanks to you we were able to send 1,300€ to our Indian program. Today, with transparency in mind we want to share with you the initiatives that will be taken with your donations.

The OFI (objectif France Inde) which is the organization which makes the link between Solibad and India told us that the funds collected will fund two teacher’s salaries for 3 months, paying these teachers ensure the education of more than 40 pupils who are children of migrant workers of Bangalore and who live in precarious situation.

Vonisha is the organization that provides education to children, this organization is of tremendous help and support. As the country is still in Lockdown and schools are closed Vonisha has rented premises to keep welcoming students and teachers in order to fight social and educational inequalities. Since mid-June, Vonisha has rented 9 premises at its own expense, which allows it to lower the economic barrier and make education a public good. The Solibad team would like to thank all donors because thanks to you these children can access education without social or economic prejudice.

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