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Sonhos e Badminton

"Sonhos e Badminton" - Brazil

Location: This project is located in the Nordeste region, more precisely in the State of Pernambuco and the city of Gravata, not far from Recife

Program Start Date: 2004

Date of partnership with SOLIBAD: 2011


Number of children/families impacted since the beginning of the action in 2013: 70 children from the slums and favelas of Recife and their families

Amount invested by Solibad in this program since 2011: 45616 €

The program in details: 

The ODIP - Obra de Defesa da Infância Pobre ("Work for the defence of poor children" in Portuguese) is a welcoming school.

children from favelas.


In addition to general education, the nuns in charge of this school offer a series of sports and cultural activities.

and leisure activities for children from 4 to 17 years old. Their objective: to occupy children who are idle when they are left to their own devices in

the favela, give them a stable and reassuring environment within an often difficult family context, and enhance their value through these various activities.


For 2004 years now, badminton has become one of the core sports activities of the school! Thanks to Frank, a German giant who has been living in Brazil for more than 20 years, a real project has been created around badminton: more than 60 children of the school practice it several times a week, and among them the most gifted become real competitors and obtain very encouraging results at the national level. Here again, the sport brings the children joy, sharing and a share of dreams, far from the slum. It has also been a guarantee for the re-enrolment of many young people who had left school to join local gangs.


Since 2011, Solibad's help for the Gravata school concerns both the school in general and the badminton project in particular on very concrete projects.
material help: for the school, school material for example, which is currently lacking for the teachers; for the badminton project, shoes (half of the children play barefoot!), rackets, shuttlecocks...

Financial aid: Solibad finances the weekly visit of a psychologist who comes to help children in need.

A financial help for the "badminton" project with several young people who have a good level despite the limited means and to which Solibad offers the possibility to make some national tournaments. These players thus become locomotives for the other young players of the Academy, who train even more assiduously because they see that the dream of leaving the favelas is allowed to them, thanks to badminton.


Among the other actions implemented since 2011, a literacy aid for the children of the project. 

Since 2014, the Academy presents a team that makes regional competitions and whose level increases over the years.


Some links to go further and discover more SONHOS E BADMINTON :


Their website : here

As well as their social networks below :

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  • Youtube

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