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Kaveh Merhabi Fondation (KMF)


IRAN - Badminton as the only activity

Location: This project is located in Tehran, the capital of Iran

Program Start Date: 2013

Date of partnership with SOLIBAD: 2013

Number of children/families impacted since the beginning of the action in 2013: 40 children

(20 girls and 20 boys)

Amount invested by Solibad in this program since 2013: 17500€

The program in details


The Kaveh Mehrabi Foundation is named after its founder, the Iranian player Kaveh Mehrabi.
(KMF) aims to help children in the southern suburbs of Tehran.


The socio-political and economic situation of the country leaves little room for education and does not

offer them the opportunity to have sports or extra-curricular activities. International aid is almost

non-existent because  of the blockade inflicted on the country. Kaveh who had launched with Solibad the

project "1000 snowshoes for Haiti" wanted to create a structure that can help these children in difficulty

through badminton.


After several months of work, the project was finally set up and was able to see the light of day in the summer of 2013. Since then, forty children (20 girls and 20 boys) can now follow two trainings of two

hours/week (4 hours for each of the girls-boy groups) with high level coaches, some being members of the Iranian national team. For some young girls, these opportunities are often the only way to  out of their homes, not being schooled or socialized by any other activity. Badminton here has therefore a  true societal virtue.


The purchase of equipment (net, posts, snowshoes, ...) was taken care of by the KMFoundation and local partners. The rent of the sports hall is (currently) paid by the Direction of Education but without any certainty that it will be paid by the KMFoundation will continue.


Solibad has already contributed 5000 euros to this nice project in total adequacy with its values and its charter. This covers, among other things, the financing of the children's bus trips from the suburbs to the gym, their safety being at this price!


Kaveh is, for professional reasons, based in Switzerland, so it is his father and a few relatives who take care of the children and the relations with the families on the spot. The children are very happy to be on a badminton court. They are more fulfilled and have hope to be able to get by thanks to the sport.


In the spring of 2020, Iran was particularly affected by the health crisis and Solibad made an emergency appeal to raise nearly €8000, which we sent to children and their families so that they could buy basic food.

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Program news

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