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Love Rowan


"LOVE ROWAN"  -  Ouganda

Location: Mawanga, a small village near Jinja, in the Bugiri district, close to the Kenyan border (500 km from the capital Kampala)

Program Start Date: 2007

Date of partnership with SOLIBAD: 2013


Number of children/families impacted since the beginning of the action in 2013: 370 families in 30 villages


Amount invested by Solibad in this program since 2013: 59558 €

The program in details :


Rowan" (abbreviation for "Rural Orphans & Widows AIDS Network") aims to bring a little help and autonomy to the

community. Orphans and widows infected or affected by the AIDS virus in several Ugandan villages. With the help

of a local mission and a pastor, the founder of the project, the young American Kelsey Hargadine, decided to help

the latter, to that, in addition to education, they receive all the support they need to become independent, including

help with in their studies, but also to produce arts and crafts, cultures, and thus provide for their needs. Rowan is a

Christian association, but aiming above all to help a community in the broadest sense of the term, whether its

members are believers or not - tolerance is omnipresent towards others.


Since 2013, Solibad has decided to support the Rowan project in its daily needs, through several significant actions,

following the trip of several members of our association on site, to better understand how best to help the team

of ROWAN and the villagers of Mawanga. an initiatory journey, where the envoys of Solibad lived among the inhabitants, in a

small hut, without water or electricity...and an extraordinary welcome from the whole community. (story HERE in English)


Solibad's first action, in 2013, was to finance the education of 15 children for a full year. The association has

first sent 4500 US $ for the education of the children, and to support the development of the educational program

Rowan. Then, over the years, our assistance has been adapted to local needs. 


We have financed in turn the construction of a house for one of the new community coordinators, Juliette, who has a particularly traumatic past. 

does not prevent him from being a ray of sunshine despite his HIV status, but also a guarantee of information on AIDS for his young compatriots.


We also financed the purchase for the community of plots of land so that several families could cultivate and provide for their own needs, or the construction of a well a few hundred meters from the village, which until then had no access to drinking water. Also, we bought "solar kits" for dozens of families, who were thus able to have light in their huts after dark - electricity is a rare commodity in Mawanga - only the community premises are provided with it thanks to a generator.

Some links to go further and discover more ROWAN

Their website here

As well as their social networks below:

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  • Instagram

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