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Smash your Diabetes


"Smash ton Diabète" - France

Location: Project that covers the whole of France

Program Start Date: 2014

Date of partnership with SOLIBAD: 2014


Number of children/families impacted since the beginning of the action in 2013: 300 children through "Maisons de Quartiers" (neighborhood houses).


Amount invested by Solibad in this program since 2016: The investment has been essentially human, no financial investment for this program.

The Program in details : 

In order to raise awareness among people suffering from type I diabetes and to reconcile the sport with social action, the Solibad Association, Badminton Sans Frontières, in collaboration with the French Badminton Federation and the Association Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques, has decided to set up an action called "Smash ton diabète" (Smash your diabetes) in order to allow diabetic children and teenagers to discover the practice of badminton in a privileged environment, within French clubs and with trained supervisors who listen to them.

Smash ton Diabète is a project that was created in 2014 following the desire of the Solibad association to associate the values of sport with a social commitment in France. The aim of the project is to enable children and teenagers suffering from type I diabetes to play badminton in federally licensed badminton clubs in their region. At the same time, this action should help to raise awareness of the disease among the general public and make them realize that young diabetics are people like any other. It could also serve as a means of raising awareness about screening.


The main objective of this action on the French territory is to help diabetic children and teenagers by promoting their practice of badminton and, consequently, by contributing to the significant improvement of their quality of life. The "Smash ton Diabète" action is led by Solibad, the French Badminton Federation (FFBad) and the Association Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques (AJD).


In recent years, pilot clubs have opened their doors to young diabetics to introduce them to the discipline. For the development of the program, the project was confronted with the reality of the field concerning the differences in practice schedules. The specialized establishments that we contacted for this project have organizational capacities during the day and during the week, whereas the clubs generally receive their guests in the evening. We therefore opted to repeat this project as part of the Solidarity Badminton Week, launched in 2021, where one of the projects proposed to the clubs is a project for diabetic populations.

Some links to go further and discover more about SMASH TON DIABETE :


Their website : ICI

As well as their social networks below :

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