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Congo - Humanis Congo Fohuco

Location : Congo

Start date of the program : 2022

Date of the partnership with SOLIBAD : 2022

Help from SOLIBAD : Sending of equipment (t-shirts, shoes, rackets, nets)

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The program in details


This action is carried out in partnership with the Humanis Congo Foundation FOHUCO (linked to the Association Action Halte à la Propagation du Sida et des MST en France) in order to provide sports equipment to the new teams formed by the Foundation. 

At the start of the 2022 school year, Solibad has joined forces with the Humanis Congo Foundation FOHUCO, which aims to train new teams of ambulance drivers, first aiders and volunteer firemen to improve the management of the many accidents that happen on the national roads between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. 

As the training of these new teams is based on a demanding sport, the president of the Foundation has chosen badminton as a reference sport (he himself is a badminton player). In this sense, Solibad will provide sports equipment to enable ambulance drivers, first aiders and volunteer firemen to train in badminton. 

Thanks to this new partnership, textile collection is now possible! Until now it was difficult to send textile to our different programs. The Fondation Humanis Congo FOHUCO, which takes care of the transport of the material, with the possibility of collecting it from other collection points, allows us to reopen these donations. 

In addition, the Humanis Congo Foundation FOHUCO also takes care of the education of some children in great need, always with badminton practice (some children even participate in the national championship). Solibad has therefore also decided to send them equipment.  

Some links to go further and discover the Fondation of Humanis Congo FOHUCO

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