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1000 Raquettes pour Haiti

"1000 Raquettes pour Haiti" - Haiti

Place : Port au Prince and Boudette

Program start date : 20

Date of partnership with SOLIBAD : 20

Number of children/families impacted since the beginning of the action

in 2013 : ***

Amount invested by Solibad in this program since 2016 : ***€


The program in details : 


This program in Haiti was carried out in two phases.


First, through the project "1000 snowshoes for Haiti". A few weeks after the earthquake of January 2010 that made several hundreds of thousands of deaths in Haiti, Peace and Sport launched an operation of worldwide collection of sports equipment to bring to refugee children in remote areas. Camps, and often traumatized, ways to deal with and perhaps forget a their daily lives through playful activities.


So it was only natural that SOLIBAD wished to join this project, working with the Iranian player Kaveh Mehrabi, Peace and Sport ambassador.


October 2010, completion of the project: a delegation including Kaveh and representatives of Peace and Sport and SOLIBAD arrives in Haiti with luggage loaded with hundreds of rackets, shuttlecocks, sportswear, badminton nets ... collected from around the world. The purpose of this visit of a few days is also to train adults in the basic techniques of badminton so that they in turn can pass on their new knowledge to the children in the refugee camps.


Since then, thanks to the joint action of Solibad and Peace and Sport, a Haitian Badminton Federation has been created, and has resumed part of the activities in the refugee camps, as we had hoped. The International Federation can thus help Haiti and its brand new federation. So we naturally let the action take place within the framework of the development of badminton, via the action "Shuttle Time" of the International Federation .


But we were not finished with this endearing country...


One morning in 2018, by sheer coincidence, a Haitian badminton coach, also a librarian, fell in front of Solibad's headquarters while looking for some rackets at the Bry sur Marne flea market. So he explained his project at home, which seemed obvious to Solibad: in the village of Les Boudettes, a few years ago, he started to make the children of his village play, who fell in love with the sport, to the point of making it a real badminton "village". Since then, the children have been mobilized, trained, and have won all the victories in the few competitions played on the island.


So we decided to give our new friend a hand with the equipment, which is sorely lacking there - few rackets, sports shoes cost a fortune and more and more young people want to join the "incollables" club - because Zaccharie, like any good librarian, teaches culture to all children, in addition to teaching them smashes and amortized.


Since 2018, we therefore regularly send the material we collect during events to Haiti for a second life. Thanks in particular to service providers who offer us the cost of transport by cargo ship, this operation is a magnificent environmental and human success.

Program News

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