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Village Focus International 


"Village Focus International" - Laos


Location: In Vientiane, in the capital of Laos, at the center for young women victims of human trafficking.

Program Start Date: 2010

Date of partnership with SOLIBAD: 2018


Number of children/families impacted since the beginning of the action in 2018: 30 young women


Amount invested by Solibad in this program since 2016: 5350 €.

The program in details

Village Focus International has been taking in young women victims of violence and human trafficking for several years. Very often, young women are torn away from their families and end up as prostitutes thousands of kilometers away from their native village. VFI, and Solibad since 2017, help these young women regain their dignity and psychological reconstruction after major traumas. Badminton is offered in sessions from time to time with our Australian coordinator, who is also a badminton coach, as a leisure activity to forget their past.

Some links to go further and better discover this action :


Their website : here

As well as their social networks below :

  • Noir Facebook Icône
  • Gazouillement

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