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Become a "Heart Stringer"

What does it mean ?

As the name suggests, this action is aimed at stringers,
whether they are professionals or amateurs, freelancers or franchisees.
The idea is to offer them, through this action, to help promote
of Solibad when they practice their trade.

How does it work ?

1. You have to register on the online platform HERE

2. In a second step you will receive a stencil with the special Solibad snowshoe logo (an S).
3. Equipped with this stencil and a felt pen with a small poster that presents the action that we will provide you with, in the shop or on the tournaments, you will have to propose to the badists to put this logo on their rackets (that you have just strung, or not), in exchange for one euro of solidarity.

4. Once a year, you will redistribute the money collected to Solibad in the form of a donation.


The principle is very simple and will be doubly effective: on the one hand to raise some money (even if this is not the main part of the action) and on the other hand to make the Solibad logo visible to as many people as possible. You will also be able to present our actions and make Solibad radiate around you during your exchanges with your contacts.

The list of heart stringers (to which your name may be attached) can be found here (LINK)

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