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Our partners

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For the past 10 years, Solibad has been forging strong links with institutional partners. Badminton brands, distributors, foundations, coming from all walks of life, each one understanding perfectly that we cannot make exclusive partnerships, but that we wish that all the players in the badminton world would go in the same direction to support our programmes.


We thank them for their support over the years. Here they are:


The French Badminton Federation, our partner of choice, since the signature of a partnership in 2013 under the presidency of Richard Remaud. We thank them for their support since then, notably under the Presidency of Florent Chayet, with the DTN led by Philippe Limouzin among others,

The Decathlon Foundation, which has just made a very large donation for one of our programmes in Indonesia, with a long-term partnership that will be in place from 2021, not only to help structure and develop our Indonesian project, but also to ensure the employability of some of the adolescents who leave our programmes. With the invaluable help of Jean-Pierre Haemmerlein, its Founding President, and Jérémie Ruppert, Director Décathlon Indonesia.

The Forza brand, which has been with us for many years, as well as the IZBAC brand, which is at the origin of many of our collections.


We also thank Yonex and Perfly for their support.


Many thanks to all our distributors who relay Solibad on a daily basis throughout France :

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Global grandmaking organization

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