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Sign the charter !

The Solibad charter is a text that we have prepared so that badminton clubs, committees and leagues can make a moral commitment to Solibad, with no financial obligation, but with a real willingness to invest alongside us. This charter also has an educational virtue, since it reminds the young members of the signatory structure that they are very lucky to be able to practice a sport in a leisure area, - or a competition area - whereas in other countries, and this is the case for some of our programmes, badminton is almost a necessity to get out of their difficult environment.

Each club, committee, league and federation is free to give meaning to this partnership signed around the Solibad charter.


It is possible and advisable to sign it online: it is enough for the offices or Boards of Directors of clubs, committees and leagues to meet and discuss it, before joining us officially. It is necessary to have a Solibad referent for any signatory structure, so that communication between them and us is as smooth as possible.


Here is the full text of the SOLIBAD Charter

"I, the undersigned, President / representative of my Club / Academy / Federation, pledge on behalf of the members which I represent, to respect the values of fair play and sportsmanship upheld by Solibad – Badminton without Borders, both on and off court. While for us, badminton is a sport we like to play and enjoy, we are acutely aware that across the globe, the sport of badminton can provide vital core educational and social support for children who live in difficult conditions and void of opportunities. By signing this charter, we vow to help Solibad – Badminton without Borders, deliver their message, using available and productive means such as official website branding with logo, by educating members about Solibad’s mission statement and projects and by generally supporting the Solibad foundation in as many campaigns as possible by raising awareness through fundraising, education, and any other available channels and other association processes."

Here is the link the sign the charter online.

Once you have signed the charter, you will receive a welcome email and will be put on the mailing list for our information and actions, in which you will be able to take part, according to your time and means.


Thus, your structure will join the great Solibad family, whose members you can see HERE


The signature is binding on the club for the duration of the management team's term of office. In the event of the succession of another board or president, they are free to resign the partnership or not.

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