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Bintang Kidul

"Bitang Kidul" - Indonesia

Location : Those progams are divided among 9 different places, on several Indonesian islands

Program start date : 2016 (officialy but really started in 2010)

SOLIBAD partnership date  : 2016

Number of children/families impacted since the beginning of the action in 2013: 300 children through "neighborhood houses"

Amount invested by Solibad in this program since 2016: 74335 €

The program in details :

We are in the southern hemisphere, where "Bintang Kidul" is the Star of the South, it is the equivalent of our Star of the an extremely poor population joy, better health, hope for a better life. 

Nata (19 years old, has not finished College) works at Decathlon; Sandi (20 years old, has her College certificate) is a barista in a restaurant, Akhmad (21 years old, still in College) is an organic farmer. They were all born on a filthy garbage dump in Jakarta. Others are in college, others can, thanks to the program, continue their education. It is expensive and they are often malnourished, their parents are garbage collectors or do odd jobs every day, for the lucky ones. These are the young people in great poverty in urban areas. And then there is rural poverty, it is everywhere, in all the small villages of Indonesia. 

What do we offer to all these young people from 5 to 22 years old? Scholarships, Youth Houses, with free activities, libraries and toy libraries, dance, music, martial arts, English, homework help, permaculture,...but also a lot of badminton through structured and regular trainings that can lead them to our professional team that defends the colors of the Bintang Solibad Indonesia club on the National Circuit. They will become international champions or coaches, a dream...achievable with your help.


Some links to go further and discover BINTANG KIDUL :


Their website : here

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