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Solidarity BadmintonWeek

All clubs, committees and leagues affiliated to the Federation will be called upon to organise a solidarity action around one of the 5 specific axes below:

- action towards refugee/migrant populations and isolated minors
- an action for the inclusion of people with disabilities
- an action with sick children (bad in the hospital)
- an action aimed at diabetic people, preferably minors or young adults
- an "Airbadminton" action with the children/adolescents of the Priority Urban Policy Neighbourhoods (QPV)


If the club, the committee or the league cannot find a possible action among the 5 proposed below, it will be possible for the club, the committee or the league to organise an event with a fundraising event that will be paid to Solibad for its actions.


To register your structure (club, committee or league) to the Solidarity Badminton Week, click HERE.

More information by e-mail at

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