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 "Bad'agascar" - When badminton brings back dignity

Place : This action is situated in the suburbs of Atnananarivo, the capital of Madagascar which is the third poorest country in the world.

Date of the start of the program : 2022

Date of the partnership with SOLIBAD : 2022

Number of children/families impacted by the program  : 50 children for the first part of the program in early 2022

Financial Aid invested by Solibad in this program : 4000 € in 2022

The program in details : 

This action is created in partnership with the Foundation 2400sourires (2400 smiles) and ails to give back dignity to children living in very poor rural villages or street children, and to help them reconstruct themselves through sport and badminton in particular.

We have partnered this local foundation which have started a massive program to help street children, with a huge implication of Sport in the process. In early 2022, 2400 sourires was already in action with the kids of the small rural village of Ambohidratrimo, close to where a brand new village will be build to welcome the children who are currently living in the street of Antananarivo. The local governement has given the statistic of 2400 of them sleeping with no roof over their heads, every night.

Solibad has launched the program in 2022, with some badminton sessions for the children taken care of by the parish run by the family of the founder of 2400sourires. The sessions have been very successful with the kids, who had never held a racket in their hands before.  Soon, the numerous traumas they've experienced seems to vanish during the few hours they played. Every day, badmiton took place, in the middle of ricefields, days only after a huge cyclone roughly hit the area, which added to the often local dramatic stories due to the lack of security, hygiene and family violence.

A strong partnership is born between Solibad and the Foundation 2400sourires to make these badminton sessions a regular meet-up for an activity which goes far beyond a simple fun thing to do - the aim here is to enter a process of healing, either physical or psychological, for those children from Ambohidratrimo first, and soon for the street children of Anatananarivo in the newly built village dedicated to them.

We've had the chance, since the very beginning of this incredible human adventure, to have on board one of the best badminton athlete in the country, Miangola Razafinimanana, a law student who has been very recently crowned Madagascar mixed double champion in mixed double. She's led the training during that first week and will be in charge of the technical and physical part of the program from now on, with two sessions per week.

It will soon be possible for clubs and anyone, via Solibad, to sponsor street children so that they can be part of the program (on a collective basis as it will not be an individual basis sponsorship). More information on the matter soon, but you may contact us if you are interested in being part of the first sponsors.

Contacts :

For Solibad : Raphael Sachetat :
For 2400sourires : Romain Lagache :

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