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Our  Philosophie

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Solibad is above all the contraction of "Badminton and Solidarity" - Solibad is therefore a charitable association around the values ​​of sport and solidarity. Birth "Solibad - Badminton Without Borders", a non-profit association under the 1901 law was born on December 10, 2009, as a strong symbol since it is the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Solibad obtained the approval of an Association of General Interest in March 2014. The objective of our association is to pool human and financial resources within the badminton community in France and internationally, in order to carry out and support humanitarian projects.

On December 10, 2019, we celebrated Solibad's 10 years, during a big party in the Paris region, where we took a special look at 10 years of action, with, always, this desire to do otherwise, without spending money. money in the administration and to return all donations to our programs. This bet, a little crazy, continues to be held.

In 10 years, more than € 275,000 have been collected, in France and abroad. 22 programs in 16 countries have benefited from the support of our association, with nearly 4,000 children directly impacted by our actions in the field.

Our philosophy is simple: Solibad's action is intended to be original: to have fun raising funds and providing financial or material assistance to populations in difficulty. Giving should be a pleasure and a way to share and unite the entire badminton community. It's not about relieving yourself of guilt, but giving while having pleasure. An epicurean vision of sharing and solidarity.

Concretely, Solibad helps to set up a panel of actions intended for all players in the badminton world, in France and abroad: players, clubs, private partners, public institutions, all are called upon through fundraising actions. funds for our projects: annual subscriptions, auctions, organization of various events (demonstrations, galas, flea markets, tournaments, etc.), with the signing of a Solibad Charter by the institutions that support us (clubs, leagues , committees, federations, etc.)

The programs and actions supported are chosen with great care by the team, in order to ensure that the aid collected is used in a relevant and effective manner for the benefit of improving the quality of life of the target populations. All this - and this is one of the keys to our action - by putting all of the funds raised directly to the service of the projects. Administrative costs are kept to a minimum and deducted from the profits generated by the sales of the association. All donations therefore go to the field.

Our philosophy is also the following motto: "do things seriously, without taking ourselves seriously". Because we believe that a little lightness in the form does not overwhelm the substance. And our history has shown us that we are making a good job without taking ourselves seriously ... so we will continue ...


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