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The Solibad Days are back in 2024 !

Twelve years after the Flashmobs that took the world by storm - more than 100 cities around the globe took part in this badminton choreography - Solibad is reinventing its "Solibad Days" by offering the entire badminton community the chance to mobilize massively on a fundraising event, while having fun, on April 5, 6 and 7, 2024.


The Concept


We're organizing a global fund-raising event, over 3 days, in an original and unprecedented format - to date, no sport has organized such a solidarity event on this concept and on this scale. The whole badminton community will be mobilizing to raise funds for Solibad's programs.


All badminton players will be invited to take part in this massive action: clubs, badminton academies, leagues, national federations. But also, individuals, who can make donations. And Solibad ambassadors, who can organize fund-raising events in different ways. All of which will be based on fun, light-hearted and original moments of conviviality, which will also remain in the memories of those who take part.


Why ?


Because the world badminton community is out of the ordinary. It's jovial. Enthusiastic. Generous. Because organizing events across the planet for a great cause of common solidarity will be the best way to prove that our sport knows how to innovate. Because these festive moments, all over the planet, will bring joy to participants. But also, and above all, because the funds raised will be used to support the programs run by Solibad and will also bring happiness to children in great need, whether they live on the streets of Antananarivo, Madagascar, in an orphanage in Kuala Lumpur, in a garbage dump in Jakarta, or in remote villages in the Congo or Columbia. With the promise that 100% of funds raised will go to the field.


How do you get involved?


The main challenge is to organize a fund-raising event. The good news is that there are no limits to creativity and originality. The idea is first to put together an organizing team, brainstorm and come up with the event concept you'd like to set up, or how, as an individual, you'd like to participate. Then register on the action registration platform.


You'll then have a few months to prepare for the action, until April 5, 6 or 7, 2024. Then it's time to take stock, save the good ideas for the following year, and send the money collected to Solibad (by bank transfer or credit card in just a few secure clicks).


Who can do what?


National Federations: Spread the news and mobilize your clubs all around the country. Not only this will serve a good cause, but it will help the sport grow and get attention as many fun events will be happening everywhere! People will (re)discover badminton through the solidarity perspective.


Clubs and Badminton Academies around the world: we're counting on you! We know you're already hard-pressed, but this is a unique opportunity to be part of a historic global action and to serve a worthy cause - as some of you have do it on a regular basis for various causes. And we've even thought of actions outside gyms to make things easier for you!


Individuals: whether you're a badminton player or not, we need your help too. On D-Days, if you'd like to make a donation, of course, but also beforehand, if you'd like to join the team of volunteers preparing Solibad Days.

Companies, institutions, Corporate world : how about using the Solibad days as a great excuse to create a team building event. Bring together colleagues and work on a badminton event which could feature a relay match between teams (like fencing does), mixing genders and hierarchy. This could actually be a great asset for CSR teams always looking for good way to create a team spirit in companies while helping a good cause ! Money could then be collected by the employee's subscription, or the company making a donation to Solibad.

Badminton distributors, equipement manufacturers - you can play a big rôle in this too as it will put the sport into the limelight. You can organize a global challenge for your teams to collect money (as any other company), organize a badminton event in your headquarters, or do a special online sale (signed shirts, unique items, etc), print a special collection, etc. Any idea is welcome for you to show you are also keen on helping our programs.


Solibad Ambassadors: You obviously have a role to play in making Solibad Days a success. First and foremost, by getting your club or badminton friends involved. But also by organizing a live chat on one of these days, or by auctioning a racket, a signed T-shirt, or an object close to your heart, or a lesson or a meal with you, or by organizing coaching sessions with benefits going to Solibad...


What kind of events can you organize?


We encourage you to create an original, festive, jovial event, whether in a gym or outside, to make a lasting impression and keep people talking about it until the next edition in 2025. And why not, by multiplying the ways of raising funds on the same event. Here's a non-exhaustive list of what could be done:


An official tournament

An unofficial, fun tournament (blackminton, fancy dress, cross-generational, Swiss round)

An Air Badminton tournament

A walk / run ("Color Run") / hike

Tombola/Bingo/dance evening
Team building events with CSR


And Now…

The shuttlecock is over to you ! Brainstorm and register your event HERE

Your contact :

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