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Heart Stringers

In this autumn of 2020, we propose a new action, to raise funds, but also and above all to ensure a better visibility of Solibad in the gymnasiums of France: 

Cordeurs du Coeur.png

The principle is simple : It is a question of offering our stringing partners (in shops or on tournaments, franchisees or independents), to affix our Solibad logo on the rackets of players who wish to do so, for a symbolic 1€.


For players, if you come across a "Heart String" (it should normally have a small poster indicating that it is part of our action), you can ask it to affix the symbolic S of our association to promote Solibad - don't hesitate to talk about it around you and suggest to your friends to do the same. We ask for a symbolic contribution of 1€, which you can give to the stringers.


For stringers, it is simply a matter of registering on a platform and, when you are at your usual place or in a tournament, to propose as much as possible to the players you see if they want to put the "S" of Solibad on their racket, whether you have just connected it or not. In exchange, the player will give you a symbolic euro that you collect in the name of Solibad, and that you can give back to Solibad at the end of the season for example. This action is voluntary and is aimed at stringers who wish to help us promote our association. We will send you a stencil to the address you will indicate on the form.


The form for stringers who wish to join us HERE


To date, here are the stringers who have agreed to join us in this beautiful action :



+2BAD - NANTES - Valentin Arpin

11 Rue de Bruxelles 44300 Nantes

Website HERE

+2BAD CAEN - Valentin Arpin 14 rue des Bouvines

14200 Hérouville Saint Clair

Website HERE

BAD ADDICT  - Huynh Anh-Tai

54 avenue Victor Cresson 92130 Issy les Moulineaux

Website HERE

BADMINTONSTORE - Vichai Khochareun 

11 av. du Général de Gaulle - 94500 Champigny sur Marne

Website HERE

BAD & SHOP - Michael Erabit

12, rue de l'Euche - 35133 Lecousse

Website HERE

DOME CORDAGE - Alexis Cadouot
4 rue de Limagrain , 63720 CHAPPES 

GL BADMINTON - Guillaume L.

2 bis place Georges Tainturier, appartement 6, 60940 CINQUEUX

Kévin JULIEN (Independent stringer)

LARDE SPORTS - SENART - Laurent Blanquet

43 Rue du Trou Grillon, 91280 Saint-Pierre-du-Perray

Website HERE

YOUBADIT - Pierre-Henri Branger

13-15 Rue Nicolas Chorier 38000 Grenoble

Website HERE

Thanks to them! Others can join us at any time !

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